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Gianna's does not make fast food, but real quality food that is delivered to your home. The quality has been consistently apparent, as has the service and delivery. I got my order a full 10 minutes before it was even due to be delivered! The chicken wings actually tasted like chicken, needed no sauce, and were cooked exactly the way I like!! The rib tips were huge and meaty, and the fries were hot and crisp. Even the salad was good - it had real salad greens, not just iceberg lettuce! The mistake I made was eating the salad first, but it looked so appetizing . . . I didn't have as much room for the rest of the food as I wanted, but the good thing is that there was so much food, I have plenty left over for the next meal! I only wish I could have gotten some of this caliber of takeout for my blessed mother before she went to her reward - she was a southern girl, and would totally have approved! In my opinion, if you are in the South Shore area and want really delicious food, I wholeheartedly recommend that you try Gianna's. I don't think you will be disappointed!


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I had the chicken and shrimp Alfredo. It was absolutely delicious. The flavor was perfect. They give you nice big shrimp and nice strips of chicken breast. My husband had the barbecue chicken wings. He enjoyed them. He says they were not too saucy and they were a nice size. They had great flavor. My daughter had the turkey salad. This salad looked amazing. It's presentation alone was worth writing about. Nice crisp lettuce, tomatoes sliced just right. Cucumbers were sliced just right and were crisp. The turkey and cheese finished it off with the olives laying to the side. That was perfect she doesn't like olives. All the portions were big. We shared. I will definitely order from Gianna's again.


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I discovered them from a simple search that landed me at GrubHub. Their Fettuccine Alfredo pizza was a surprise. They have the nicest delivery people and the customer service over the phone is very friendly. Its absolutely the best customer service I ever received with deliver on the south side. I will continue to support them.


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OMG it was so good! I ordered the shrimp and chicken fettuccini Alfredo and it was amazing. They gave me a HUGE portion, big shrimp cooked beautifully, nice juicy strips of chicken, plenty of broccoli and the sauce was nice and creamy. I picked it up and it was ready on time. Would definitely order from here again!!!


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The pizza was fresh and hot and taste great. I ordered online the supreme stuffed pizza with pepperoni. But I received a stuffed pizza with pepperoni. That is what was on my receipt. I had to wait 80 minutes for my pizzas which was fine and standard time for an order. Will I get a credit?

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